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Ford Lotus Cortina

In Search of Peter Pan

Work in progress

Am I the only person who has a song for every memory? 


It's 1978, and Jen is ready to escape her stifling small-town life. Then one evening, a wonderful play of coincidence draws her to another. A familiar stranger who speaks the same language of lyrics and dreams. 

A book of 70s nostalgia, Kate Bush fandom and a bitter-sweet teenage romance.  

It was the sort of car that even before hearing the rumble of its engine, you could sense its longing for speed.
– In Search of Peter Pan

Coming soon

Just as I made to turn though, another hand appeared on the bar. 

“Has anyone ever told you, you look like Kate Bush?”

– In Search of Peter Pan

Kate Bush photo
Scarlett Sangster book planning

It was the summer of ’78. A cool one, as I remember it. But back then, a little chill could never stop us from taking advantage of freedom. 

– In Search of Peter Pan

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