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Metamorphosis: Selected Stories | Penelope Lively

Penelope Lively’s latest treasure trove is a compilation of previously published stories, bookmarked by two new lengthier tales. Together, they map her journey as a friend, parent and lover, but most importantly as a writer, asking - what does it all amount to?

A Booker Prize winning author, Lively has mastered the art of her craft with each story encapsulating its own vividly imagined universe, and leaving the reader with a sometimes sombre, often challenging moral sentiment, all of which can be perfectly allegorised by the elephants foot in her opening story.

From Devonshire countryside to an Egyptian airport, a bus ride through central London and a journey back to ancient Rome. Metamorphosis covers a wide range of locations, characters and styles with ease and elegance. A witty and grounding collection of 26 stories that will inspire you to embrace all that life teaches and all that we leave behind.

Metamorphosis: Selected Stories | Penelope Lively
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