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Taking to the air...

It's not often I have breaking news. But, last week I had the absolute joy of being a guest on Daniel Draper’s podcast!

I met Daniel through the writing group I set up for writers and creative in Berkshire (Bracknell Writers Group for anyone who would like to join us), and we had an immediate rapport. It was so lovely to spend those couple of hours – yes, we talked for that long – chatting about all things writing.

From my own writing inspiration and why I put pen to paper, to the books that changed my life and advice for writers when it comes to the long and arduous editing process. Also featuring rants about unpaid internships and a debate about the pros and cons of self-publishing. I can't promise much, but I hope at least that you won't get bored. There’s even a Tarantino reference or five...!

While I can’t bear to listen back to it myself, I do hope I come across as witty and passionate as I do in my head. Enjoy!

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Daniel Draper
Daniel Draper

I did mention Tarantino over 500 times.... Thanks for being a star Scarlett ❤️

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