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"Without this there’s nowhere to hide. Without this you’re just another weed in a field of daisies, then there’s no excuse."

– Among The Fields Of Daisies

SCARLETT SANGSTER is an author, short story writer, journalist and book reviewer. she has written two literary fiction novels which have placed in a number of literary competitions, including the Adventures In Fiction Spotlight First Novel Award and the Page 100 Prize. You can also read her short stories in the likes of Crayon Magazine and the LISP 2023 anthology.

As a journalist, Scarlett is regularly published in regional and national UK press for her book reviews and travel writing. Notable publications include: The Manchester Evening Standard, The Independent, The Herald, The Irish Examiner and The Scotsman. 

In addition to her writing, Scarlett has founded her own local writing community, Bracknell Writers Group, for writers and creatives in the Berkshire area. She also reads for literary competitions and will this year be reading for the Cheshire Novel Prize

Scarlett lives in Berkshire, UK, and is currently seeking agent representation for her work. 

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