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Heaven and Earth | Paolo Giordano

Fourteen-year-old Teresa watches from behind a curtain as the three boys strip naked and dive into the moonlit waters of her grandmother’s pool. It is the year everything changed. The year those bland summers she once resented spending in Pegula, became the gateway to something hot and urgent – spirituality, lust, jealously.

Nicola, Tommaso and Bern – who Teresa will love for the rest of her life – were raised as brothers on the farm next door. But though Teresa injects herself into their world, it will be years before she truly realises the twisted depth of their brotherhood. Bonded by shared love and resentment, the boy’s seemingly unequivocal bond holds them together as much as it drives them apart – leaving Teresa to interpret, where exactly she fits into their story.

Raw and evocative, Giordano’s Heaven and Earth is a breathtaking and poignant creation that will leave you itching under the skin.

Heaven and Earth | Paolo Giordano
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