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The Ghost Theatre | Mat Osman

Hauntingly beautiful, Mat Osman’s The Ghost Theatre is a unique blend of history and fantasy set against the backdrop of Elizabethan London.

The story follows Shay, a messenger-girl and hawk trainer who sees the future in the patterns of birds, and Nonesuch, the dark star of the city's fabled child theatre scene. Drawn together by their shared love of art, they create The Ghost Theatre, an underground troupe that performs fantastical plays in the city's hidden corners. As their performances incite rebellion among the city's outcasts, the pair's relationship sparks and burns against a backdrop of the plague and a London in flames.

Osman’s evocative prose brings Elizabethan London to life with vivid detail, seamlessly merging fact and fiction with fantastical brushstrokes, creating a world that is both familiar and completely new. Thrilling and thought-provoking, Osman’s unique creation will leave readers pondering its mysteries long after the final page.

The Ghost Theatre | Mat Osman
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