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The Paper Palace | Miranda Cowley Heller

‘The Paper Palace’ is a constant backdrop in Elle’s life. A run down holiday home resting on the shore of one of Cape Cod’s unspoilt ponds, it is where she spent her summers growing up. Where she had her first kiss, found her first love and where she now takes her own children in the summer months. But there is something darker lurking in the waters of Elle’s past. Something that tore her life apart, but that even after years of burying her guilt and shame, she still cannot share, not even with her husband.

Over 24 hours we watch Elle’s life unfold, as she prepares for a decision that could change her life forever. The decision to take back what she lost, or to keep living the beautiful lie she spent so long constructing.

A family drama, a forbidden love story, a childhood tragedy. The Paper Palace is stunning literary debut that will eat you up and leave you reeling. I didn’t want it to end.

The Paper Palace | Miranda Cowley Heller
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